Please join written on the body curators Judy Watson and Diana Young for a closing event panel discussion to discuss challenges raised by this exhibition.

Panellists Michael Aird and Bob Weatherall share their insights.

Friday August 15, 4-5pm, Anthropology Museum Gallery

In the past it was usual to write on to museum things, securing their classification and place inside a collection. To the descendants of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander makers and owners of these things, the act of inscribing onto may be experienced as vandalism - an intention to control by another, dominating culture. written on the body is a response to the labeling ofobjects within the museum environment. They are placed with used kitchenware, rear-view mirrors and anthropometric measuring devices creating new sets of relationships and a commentary on the role of the past in the present.

Please register your interest in attending this event by emailing or phoning (07) 3365 3111.

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