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Yerrabilela Talking about songs

20 August 2018 - 14 December 2018 CLOSED This exhibition provides an insight into the significance of traditional Indigenous song, dance and contemporary cultural performance. Hear from Aboriginal performers t...

Voices Within: A Social Science Photo Voice exhibition

Voices Within is a PhotoVoice exhibition of images taken by first year social science students at the University of Queensland.

From Relics to Rights

Curated by Michael Aird. This exhibition features images and objects that tell an important story of the transition of Aboriginal culture from being considered a relic of a ‘disappearing race’, through to Indigenous people establishing themselves as owners of a strong and diverse culture and history.

Solomon Islands: Re-enchantment and the colonial shadow

This is only the second exhibition in Australia devoted to Solomon Islands in recent years, although Honiara, the modern capital of Solomon Islands is closer to Brisbane than Auckland. Among the 28,000 items that the UQAM is privileged to care for are more than five hundred remarkable things and images recorded as being from Solomon Islands.

Fragile First Impressions

An archive of threatened Aboriginal reportage from the Western Arnhem Land Plateau Curated by Peter Cooke for Warddeken Land Management with photos by David Hancock 22 February - 7 August 2016 Closed   ...

Jimmy Pike's Artlines: You call it desert, we used to live there

July 20 - October 2, 2015 Jimmy Pike’s Artlines is a selection of vibrant felt-tip pen drawings that bring the artist’s country in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia into glorious relief through renderings of spirit beings, flowers, stars and earthscapes...

Snake relations

Curated by Diana Young with a catalogue essay by John Morton 26 October 2015 - 5 February 2016 Closed Free entry   This is a small exhibition showing pairs and groups of sn...

Strong Women Strong Painting Strong Culture

Indigenous Women’s art of the Central and Western Deserts from the Sims Dickson Collection and from the UQ Anthropology Museum Collection. Curated by Deborah Sims and Matt Dickson in conjunction with the UQ Anthropology Museum.

Wild Australia

Meston’s Wild Australia 1892-1893 Curated by Michael Aird and Mandana Mapar

Wild Australia - Grafton

This exhibition presents photographs and historical documents relating to a group of Aboriginal people in the 1890s who were taken on a national touring ‘Wild West Show’ by journalist, politician and entrepreneur, Archibald Meston.

written on the body

Curated by Judy Watson and Diana Young. In the past it was usual to write labels directly onto museum things, securing their classification and number inside a collection. To the descendants of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander makers and owners of these things, the act of inscribing onto may be experienced as vandalism - an intention to control by another, dominating culture. Much of the material shown here was collected in Queensland. The everyday equipment for Indigenous living is placed amongst used kitchenware, rear-view car mirrors and anthropometric measuring devices creating new relationships and a commentary on the past in the present.

Gapuwiyak Calling: phone-made media from Arnhem Land

Curated by Miyarrka Media and developed for exhibition with the Anthropology Museum. In 2008 the introduction of Telstra’s 3G mobile network generated a wave of creative energy across Arnhem Land. New genres of video, photography and performance flourished. Travelling lightning-speed via satellite and Bluetooth, this emerging digital culture rode the energy of the new and the cheeky...

What Do Objects Want? Online exhibition

Curated by Diana Young; Photography by Carl Warner. Objects with faces are compelling. For this exhibition, connected to the launch of the UQ Anthropology Museum’s online catalogue we photographed the selected items, mostly sculptures, as mug shots with the flat lighting of a passport portrait or a police ID image...

Women with Clever Hands past and present

August 2013 - 2 March 2014 Curated by Dr Louise Hamby. A dazzling array of fibre objects from Arnhem Land form the new exhibition Women with Clever Hands past and present at the University of Queensland Anthropology Museum. Hats suitable for the Melbourne Cup, handbags for shopping expeditions and feathered bodywear for ceremony are all to be found here with mats, baskets, string bags and a small menagerie of animal sculptures.

Musical Landscapes of Lihir

March 2013 - August 2013 A project developed by the Anthropology Museum with Dr Kirsty Gillespie and the Lihir Cultural Heritage Association. This is the first museum exhibition of Lihir culture anywhere in the world. It features contemporary performance art especially made by Lihirians to demonstrate their culture to a foreign audience, alongside items from the distant past.

In the Red; on the vibrancy of things

28 June 2012 -  3 February 2013 Curated by Diana Young ‘In the red’ is the inaugural exhibition in the new purpose built UQ Anthropology Museum Gallery on l...

The Social Life of Things – UQ centenary exhibition

18 April – 1 October 2010 Curated by Diana Young. This exhibition that celebrates the centenary of the University of Queensland takes its inspiration from a highly influential collection of essays called ‘the Social Life of Things’.

Double Up; Pasifika Treasures from the UQ Anthropology Museum

5 February – 9 April 2010 Curated by Diana Young with Jane Willcock ‘Double Up’ features couples and other kinds of doubles in the Collection of the UQ Anthropology Museum, made by artists in Papua New Guinea during the twentieth century.

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