Date: Friday 12 April 2012
Time: 1:00-2:00 pm
Room: 443, Level 4
Location: Michie (09), St Lucia Campus
Presented by: The School of Social Science

In this paper I connect the archetypal anthropological photograph with archival research and fieldwork on the APY Lands. The evaluation of photographs of themselves by Anangu, taken by outsiders follow strict socially decided rules. Yet most of those photographs follow conventions of framing that pertain only to images of the ‘other’. Anangu in their art made for the market have employed the insertion of ‘eyes’. Here, via the recent digital exhibition in the UQ Anthropology Museum What do objects want? I examine the materialising of the gaze by both groups and the impact that this might have on a sense of self during the process of colonization.
About the Presenters
Dr Diana Young is an anthropologist specialising in material and visual culture. Her fieldwork has centred on the impact of new materials and novel colours in the lives of Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara. This led to further research on consumption, the social creation of space and the history of Ernabella Arts, the oldest Indigenous art centre in Australia. Recent research has been informed by her role as Director of the Anthropology Museum at UQ where she has been directing the creating of a new on line digital facility and curating exhibitions from the collection (in 2012-13 'In the red; on the vibrancy of things'). Both these activities interrogate the future role of anthropological collections of both visual and material items.
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